Strong Poison, Gaudy Night and Busman’s Honeymoon

As you’ll know if you’ve been reading the diary, I’ve been immersed in Lord Peter novels lately. An obliging bookshop on Karl Johan kindly sold me Strong Poison and Gaudy Night on Wednesday. And I had to go back and fork out some more for Busman’s Honeymoon on Friday. From which you can infer that I got rather caught up in them.

So I finished those and then finished Unnatural Death, which was one of the few Whimsys the library managed to produce. And now I want to read Thrones, Dominations, but it doesn’t seem like the library even have it, and I can’t get up at all. Very annoying.

I’ve been attempting to listen to a recording of Little Women (Sterling Audio), but think I may have to give it up. I read Little Women somewhere back in the dark ages, but can’t remember anything, except I think Jo sold her hair. But this thing is read by Lorelei King, and I really can’t stand her voice/modulation/intonation/whatever. It’s driving me mad.