Wizard of the Pigeons

In which we are enchanted.

Wizard of the Pigeons has been lying in my tbr pile for a while, waiting for a little time and breathing space. I finally found the time and can now report that it is lovely. I think I may have held my breath throughout the last third. Though surely not, as I am still alive. It felt like it, in any case.

Ki and Vandien quartet

In which we thought we were safe.

I saw the fourth book in Megan Lindholm’s (also known as Robin Hobb) Ki and Vandien series in Scotland in September, so I figured I could start on the ones I have and get the fourth. Stupid, stupid. I read the first, started on the second, ordered the fourth from amazon, finished the second, and now I’ve finished the third. And there is no sign of the fourth.

I should have known better. There is a reason, after all, that, while I preordered The Fool’s Errand the last year and The Golden Fool – recently arrived – they are both on my shelf, unread. I am not even taking a peak until the third book comes out. Probable publication: November 2003. I can wait. Just so long as I don’t start the trilogy, I can wait just fine.

Well, back to Ki and Vandien…

In Book 1 – Harpy’s Flight – we meet Ki. Numb to everything but revenge following the death of her husband and children at the hands (claws?) of Harpies. She has a dangerous pass to get through and a few (!) grief issues to work though. Vandien appears on the scene, trying to steal one of her horses in order to get though the same pass. They join forces, somewhat reluctantly on both their parts.

Some summary… I guess a good novel should defy summarising. As usual, Lindholm weaves an enchanting tale, much as Vandien with his story string captivates his audience again and again, she makes the novel hard to put down, and hard to let go of.

Books 2 and 3, The Windsingers and The Limbreth Gate continue the story. We get to know a bit more about the world of Ki and Vandien, and of the various sentient beings who share it with them, however unwillingly. We learn more about Ki’s story, which is not as straightforward as it might seem at first glance. No doubt the fourth book – Luck of the Wheels – will bring more surprises.

Come to think of it, I don’t think amazon has dispatched it yet. Which means I could just cancel the order and get it in town tomorrow. I can deal with a 12-hour wait, but if I have to wait for amazon, it will be at least a week, as I’ll have to find the time to pick it up at the post office. Yes!