Birthday Party and Other Stories

I don’t seem to mind the fact of them being short-stories so much (I mean, I normally mind enough to avoid reading them) when it comes to Milne. Birthday Party and Other Stories is a rather delightful collection with subjects ranging from the downright chilling (how to commit the perfect murder) to the more typically Milnesque frivolous. And he provides us with a new (well, new to me, anyway, hardly new, really, as the book was published in 1949 – and I have the first edition, in ex-lib, state, sadly, but now I’m getting off topic, where was I? Oh, yes:) theory on how the whole Shakespeare-Bacon thing really happened. Very amusing.

Chloe Marr

One of the novels I found when packing that I just had to read immediately, Chloe Marr (probably available on ABEBooks) is nowhere near as good as Milne’s Two People, but it’s a pleasant read. Even when writing on serious subjects, Milne writes fluff, but it’s good fluff, which makes me happy.