Have his Carcase

In which we shout: Huzzah, huzzah!

The University Library having come up trumps as far as Sayers goes, I have now finished Have his Carcase. And started Gaudy Night again… I keep being annoyed at «getting» too many bits of the story before Lord Peter (or anyone else), but it’s not been so bad since The Nine Tailors (that just really annoyed me). Hm, I think I figured out a way of commenting without spoiling the book for other people – I’ll use the comments. And put a warning in the main message. That ought to work…

Still, Sayers’ language, setting and characters are so delightful on the whole, that a few minor annoyances are not going to stop me. Also, of course, the benefit is that once I’ve read the book once, nothing at all will be a surprise the second time around, and there will be no need to be disappointed at the lack of surprises. Oh good. Because I really do want to read them all again.

I will also have to start reading some of all these books on Austen that I am unearthing.


what, you are not surprised by anything the umpth time you read a book? I am! well, maybe not surprised as such, still in suspense… depending on the quality of the writing, of course

Nicolette 05/02/02 03:51pm

In suspense, yes. Surprised, no. (There is always that suspense of whether they are going to make it/solve it/get together this time, too, but I’m not Surprised as such.)

Robin 05/02/02 04:07pm