Pushing Up Daisies – Rosemary Harris

pushingupdaisiesI found Rosemary Harris’ Pushing up Daisies in my ebook library, though to be frank I have no memory of purchasing/dowloading it, so how it ended up there is anyone’s guess. In any case it seemed the sort of thing one could read on and off on the phone when suddenly stuck without a «proper» book, so I started it. And suddnely I had finished, without it being much off at all, just mostly on. So I guess that’s a recommendation?

Ok, so a little more detail: Pushing up Daisies is the first book of a series of mysteries, featuring Paula Holliday, who used to work in television, but now runs a gardening business «in the country». It’s an excellent example of the genre of mysteries where the protagonist is not a police officer or detective, but simply someone who has a knack for stumbling over mysteries, like unexplained dead bodies, and is then too intelligent/curious/restless/meddling (strike those you do not think fit) to leave the case to the authorities, all the while proving an interesting backstory and parallell plotlines which only tangentically touch upon the «crime». I like Paula, I like several of the other residents (permanent or temporary) of her neighbourhood, and I will definitely read more books in the series.