McCaffrey reread

As mentioned, I’ve been rereading. To be more specific: Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums and The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey. It seems I only ever said a few words about the first three and never even blogged The White Dragon at all. So I have no idea when I first read it. Annoying.

Anyway, what with the blogging backlog I have (of the 70-odd books I’ve read this year, I’ve only blogged 20 or so), this is nor going to be much of a review either, but at least I have now got it on record. I read them.

I love Dragonsong and Dragonsinger, actually. Menolly is such an engaging character. Dragondrums is nice, but feels a bit short, I feel Piemur deserved a few more pages. The White Dragon is substantially longer, and so Jaxom and Ruth get their time in the limelight, but I found the repeated agonising over Ruth’s lack of interest in mating a bit tedious this time around. It seems unimportant to me, an interesting point to underline his otherness dragonwise, but no more than that.

I was well into the Pern universe once I finished, and if I’d had Moreta – Dragonlady of Pern on hand I would likely have continued with that, but I haven’t. I might get the ebook, but by now – two completely different books later – I am not in such a hurry, and Mt TBR is telling me I really do not need to buy any books for a looooong while*. So we’ll see.


* That said, I ordered three today: Moranthology, The Casual Vacancy and Hitta vilse. So I’m obviously mostly deaf to that voice.

All autumn

I have been slacking. In my reading, yes, but obviously even more so in my blogging. Anyway, here is a – I believe – complete list of what’s been «going down»:

Sahara – Michael Palin
Pretty good. Informative, evocative, serious and occasionally laugh-out-loud-funny. Reminded me that I need to get hold of the follow-up to Travels with a Tangerine.

The Unbearable Lightness of Scones – Alexander McCall Smith
Quite delightful, as always.

Freedom’s Landing – Anne McCaffrey
As mentioned here, I got rather annoyed with McCaffrey for using «specimen» for «species» (twice!) and for including a couple of prejudiced, half-witted so-and-sos in order to introduce some conflict. I realise the second gripe is unfair, a conflictless book would, after all, be pretty boring, and so I put that down to my ongoing disagreement with Fiction in general. I rather enjoyed most of the book, and am looking forward to reading the sequel when Fiction and I are reconciled in the hopefully not too distant future.

Nød – Are Kalvø
In truth I only read about 50 pages, then started skimming and then I read the last few pages. I don’t know if it’s Kalvø or me, but it all seemed pretty pointless and tiresome.

Which brings the total tally this year to 45, methinks, and unless I am to fall short of the rather wimpy goal of one-book-a-week (oh, horror) I really need to get in some serious reading time over the holidays. We’ll see.

Dragonsong, Dragonsinger and Dragondrums

Anne McCaffrey was a pleasant aquaintance to make. Dragonsong, Dragonsinger and Dragondrums may not be big, heavy tomes, but the story has strength enough to stick with you and certainly made me want to read more. I found the «trilogy» a bit construed, though, the third book, though obviously related to the first two, does not quite belong. No matter, though, when it is all so enjoyable.