Raw Spirit


A book about whisky which is also a travel-book on Scotland? Ok, count me in!

Iain Banks’ Raw Spirit is a delight of a book, actually. LOL-funny in places and thought-provoking in others (and what more can you ask). I may not agree with all Banks’ opinions in «the search for the perfect dram» (you’d be unlikely to find me waxing lyrical about a whisky which is bottled at a measly 40% abv. – I resent having to settle for a strength that’s dictated more by economics than taste, and I’d rather pay the extra dosh to be given the choice, but some destilleries won’t let me have that chance*), but that’s to be expected, the whole point of single malt whisky is it’s diverseness and the unlikelihood that you may never find another person who shares your preferences down to the last single barrel.