Gosh. Time flies.

I’m still reading O’Brian. I’ve got to The Far Side of the World, now, which is half-way though the canon and is the book Peter Weir has based the upcoming film on. I can see his point about it being filmable, however, considering how much they have reportedly changed the plot, I can’t quite see why they couldn’t just have started at the beginning and changed the plot of Master & Commander in order to make it filmable too. But then I’m not a film maker, maybe I’d see things differently if I were.

One thought to “Gosh. Time flies.”

  1. Okay, you definately need some attention. I just happened to come across this beautifully written (not kidding) rant that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me at first. You have a point, I’m not sure what it is, but you’re very convincing

    Seriously, i like you literery ( spelling?) style. How old are you? Could you email me your number?

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