Water Horse by Dick King-Smith

Today I am writing a review about the Water Horse by Dick King-Smith. And to let you know the book is based on an old Scottish story.

The book is about two kids, their parents, their grandfather and of course the Water Horse.

In the book the oldest of the two kids finds a thing that looks like a giant mermaid’s purse, but it is not and they bring it to the bathtub and it hatches and, well a lot of trouble starts.

I liked that the book was very exciting and fun and not boring and something you really want to read.

The book brought me a lot of good ideas for games to play with my friends and art stuff, because I really love a real adventure and a nice art piece.

I liked it because it’s not one of those books you want to just put down and stop reading forever but is one of those books you just need to find out the ending and keep reading again and again.

I didn’t really like that there was so much boring stuff at the beginning because I like to dive right into the fun stuff.

And except for that the book is fantastic.

My favorite character is one of the kids (the youngest) named Angus, he is my favorite because he uses a lot of sailors oaths like: shiver my timbers, blow me down,  well I’ll be scuppered and holy mackerel.

I loved the book and I think all ages would like this book if they are in for a big ADVENTURE.

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