Readathon prep: Challenge 1

In addtion to the 30 Days of Readathon photo challenge (which is happening on Instagram daily, though I will post here as well in round-up posts), there are going to be a few more challenges, run in the Goodreads readathon group. Challenge 1 is to read 1000 pages between the evening of Sunday 24th September and the morning of Monday 2nd October (Pacific Coast time). I noted that I was on page 285 of Desolation Island in my sign-up comment, but I had already read quite a bit since the start of the challenge by that point. Still, I’ll see if I need to consider those 100ish pages or not at the end of the week.

So, here are the stats so far:

Desolation Island 285-325 = 40 pages

The Fortune of War 7-222 = 215 pages

Rammeplan for barnehagen (hey, it’s reading) 7-57 = 50 pages

Lunch-blad (comics):
2015/7 49 pages
2016/7 48 pages

So that’s 402, with three-and-a-half-ish days left. I need to step it up a little.

Yesterday was unintentionally busy, so I was one day late with my Instagram picture, but I’m all caught up now. Here’s 28-23 in the countdown.

28: Red: A stack of books, all good, happening to have a red spine. #30daysofreadathon #readathon #bookstagram

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