Well, it’s good to have plans

I guess.

In two weeks we’re going to London. This, of course, is worthy of a big squeeeeeeeee.

The main purpose of the visit is for the lass to get to ride on the top deck of a double decker bus. As good a reason as any for going to London, methinks. No?

I am also looking forward to a ride or two on a routemaster. And to showing the lass London in all its glory. Or fogginess, perhaps, it will be February after all. So to prepare we have been searching for books to read her, knowing from experience (namely Copenhagen and Karsten og Petra i København) that anything you recognise from a book is more fun than anything you don’t. The pickings are meagre, but we have a children’s guide to London and an I Spy London, which are both excellent for having lots of pictures, and a Paddington in London picture book, which is charming, but not really very fit for the purpose. However, I just ordered Katie in London from Adlibris, which looks very promising.

So I got to thinking perhaps I, too, should read something Londonish? So I went to look for Bringsværd’s London book on the shelf, but alas, it is not there. I have no idea where it has gone! Disaster! I solved the immediate problem by getting it out from the library, but seriously: Where is our copy? The library also furnished me with Doktor Proktor og det store gullrøveriet, which is partly set in London. Or so the librarian told me.  She suggested it for the lass, but we haven’t read the first Doktor Proktor books for her yet, so I think it will have to wait. I might read it myself, though, since I have read the others.

And from our own shelves: London by Edward Rutherfurd. So there is that.

Three books then. I started Rutherfurd, and it is good. It is also almost 1300 pages, so in order to finish it by the time we leave I have to read an average of 100 pages a day or so. So far I’ve been averaging 30 or so. So much to do, so little time. Not looking too good, in other words. I can do it if I don’t do anything else (like finishing the 2012 photo book which I’m working on and which will be a late Christmas present for the grandparents – as well as for ourselves, but I suppose it could wait). We’ll see.

But, anyway: London!


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