As we went for a spur of the moment trip to Hitra this weekend, we were not able to attend any of the large jumble sales in town. However, we discovered there was one in Fillan, where we could conveniently stop on our way back to town on Sunday. This resulted in the perfect reading lamp for the living room, which was very satisfactory. It also resulted in a bag of books, as it was a case of «fill a bag for 30 kroner» and the pile I picked happened to juuust fit in one bag. A rather good haul for the price, I’d say:

  • Det magiske hjertet by Salvador de Madariaga, 1946 – no idea what this is, but it looked interesting
  • Ina inviterer and Ina på isen by Annik Saxegaard
  • Lyset fra heksas hus by Thore Hansen
  • Den ensomme Arthur and Buffalo Arthur by Alan Coren – it strikes me I ought to find these in English, these two I may bookcross as they’re duplicates
  • River Cafe Cook Book Two by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers – they had One as well, but I already have it
  • Elvis! Elvis! by Maria Gripe
  • Kva tåler så lite at det knuser om du seier namnet på det? by Bjørn Sortland
  • Ikaros igjen by Philip Newth
  • Klar ferdig gå! by Paul Maar
  • Julias reise by Bente Lohne
  • Syvsoverskens dystre frokost by Tor Åge Bringsværd
  • Barnas romskip by Alpers and Hahn
  • Thank you, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse
  • Bombadillas sirkus by Thore Hansen
  • Robot i rommet by Philip Newth
  • Det står i stjernene by Evi Bøgenes – 1st edition
  • Kjenn mitt land: Med Pentti i Finland
  • Randi bor i Lofoten by Anna Riwkin-Brick and Astrid Lindgren
  • Maria bor i en kibbutz by Anna Riwkin-Brick and Cordelia Edvardson
  • Noy bor i Thailand by Anna Riwkin-Brick and Astrid Lindgren
  • Salima bor i Kashmir by Anna Riwkin-Brick and Vera Forsberg
  • Ping fra Hong Kong by Søren Koustrup
  • Frost og varme by Thore Hansen

A large number of the books on offer were ex-library, probably school library, and most of my haul are children’s and YA books. Some I was very happy to find (and would have paid A LOT more for), like Julias reise. The «N bor i M» (N lives in M) series are picture books in a series called All the world’s children and I remember Maria bor i en kibbutz (Maria lives in a kibbutz) from when I was a kid. Probably very edifying, must test them on the lass.

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