Used & Rare, Slightly Chipped and Warmly Inscribed

And when you’ve read 84 Charing Cross Road, what is more natural than to polish off Used and Rare, Slightly Chipped and Warmly Inscribed in quick succession?

I see from the archives that I must have neglected to record my first reading of Warmly Inscribed, which is annoying, but most of what I said for the first two hold true for this one as well – the difference, if there is one, is that larger sections of the book are dedicated to single «stories», such as that of the New England forger of the sub-title. This is in no way a bad thing, and like the two first, Warmly Inscribed is a bit of a must-read for any bibliophile.

One thought to “Used & Rare, Slightly Chipped and Warmly Inscribed”

  1. In addition to the Goldstones, whose books I also love, bibliophiles must, if they haven’t already, seek out the oeuvre of Nicholas A. Basbanes. John Maxwell Hamilton’s Casanova Was a Book Lover is also fantastic, and highly amusing to boot.

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