A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin

In which we cheat a bit

I’ve only read about 140 pages of A Game of Thrones, actually, at which point I wasn’t hooked, just mildly interested, which is not entirely complimentary to Martin, but I suspect it’s partly because I really wasn’t in the mood for fantasy just now. I started it despite the fact that I knew it was the wrong sort of book right now, because I got this book in a bookcrossing bookring, and felt that A. I had to give it a try and B. I needed to get it done with sooner rather than later as the point of a bookring is that several people want to read the book. However, I was quite definitely not feeling like continuing past page 140, and so thought I’d better send it on and rather request it back at some point.

However, I then went on the net and discovered that this is the first of a series where the two latest titles are not even published yet. And we all know all my patience (which isn’t a big heap to start with) is currently preoccupied preventing my head exploding because of the wait for the next (and, mercifully, last) Harry Potter novel. So starting a series that I can’t finish immediately is Not a Good Idea. So I think I’ll try to get hold of some of Martin’s independent novels instead and leave A Song of Ice and Fire as “noted” and check back in 20 years or so to see if the series is complete then.

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3 thoughts to “A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin”

  1. If you went on the Internet and “discovered” that the next two books following “A Game of Thrones” haven’t been published yet, then you are a complete twit. Not only two but three additional titles in the series are in print. That said, I quit after the third one upon reading many reviews that the fourth title is simply fodder.

  2. Not the two books following, you twit (returning the compliment) – “the two latest titles”. As in books 8 and 9 or something. I don’t know exactly which and frankly I don’t care, I don’t start series where I can’t lay my hands on the final volume. That is the point.

  3. Another thing: You seriously stopped reading a series that you liked because someone else said the fourth book wasn’t very good?

    I can think of a lot of interesting names to call someone who does that (one of which, incidentally, rhymes with “bad twit”), but I’ll refrain.

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