Kane, Abel and the Prodigal Daughter

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So, it turned out Linda had Kane and Abel, so I didn’t need the library after all. I haven’t actually read Kane and Abel before, as such, I’ve heard it as audiobook instead. Anyway, it’s a gripping story, quite as gripping the second time around. I followed it by a reread of The Prodigal Daughter, logically enough, as it’s a sequel of sorts (though it can be read separately, I would highly recommend reading Kane and Abel first, as reading them in the «wrong» order will spoil the first for you to some extent – as the main gist of the story is repeated summarily, though from a slightly different point of view).

Mild spoilers follow…

The conflict between William Kane and Abel Rosnovski is really rather frustrating. The reader is aware – and as the two men eventually acknowledge in a way – if there hadn’t been that initial misunderstanding they could probably have been great friends.

Florentyna’s fight to reach the top in politics is frustrating in another way, I, at least, want to punch some of her opponensts in the face.