Used & Rare and Slightly Chipped

usedandrare.jpg slightlychipped.jpg

I suddenly got the urge to read some books-about-books, and so I reread Used and Rare and Slightly Chipped by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. One reviewer called the first book “A Year in Provence for book-collectors”, which is not far off. The Goldstone’s become book collectors (as in people who buy specific editions of books rather than people who own lots of paperbacks) by accident, so to say, and the two books chronicle their initiation into this strange new world. Now, to me, of course, pretty much everything to do with books holds a fascination that will make me suffer through even the driest language. However, with the Goldstones we are spared that predicament, as the prose carries you along in the most admirable manner. If you are a beginner at the book-collecting game yourself you can learn alongside the authors, but even if you’ve been at it for a while you’re likely to learn something new – and at the very least you can have a good chuckle at mishaps and anecdotes.