Smakebit på søndag: Mercury Falls

mercury_fallsI purchased Mercury Falls for the Kindle on a whim, probably because it was cheap. In any case, I thought it looked interesting. I’ve been reading it on and off for at least a month – it’s been my backup book when I’ve finished whatever else I brought and was stuck somewhere, like an airport. Once I got about half way though, though, it picked up pace and I finished it in two days. This is a quote from quite early on:

Harry Giddings was a man of convictions—formidable, impregnable, inspirational, and often contradictory convictions. Harry believed so many ridiculous and unjustified notions that the sheer weight of probability dictated that at least a few of them would end up being true. Thus it was that Harry’s belief that he would play a pivotal role in the impending Apocalypse was misguided, completely absurd, and entirely accurate.

You can find more “Tasters” at Flukten fra virkeligheten.

Da Kindle is in da house

Though I expect it will spend much of its time out of da house, that’s part of the point, surely?

I mentioned to the husband that I was considering ordering a Kindle from to be delivered when we visit friends in Scotland towards the end of the month – to avoid paying the extra fees that I’m sure would accrue when the package reached Norway (though books are excempt, I’m assuming the actual Kindle would count as electronics, which aren’t). Anyhoo, he did a bit of a price check (he does, which is good, I’m far too lazy to shop around much) and found he could buy one at Dixons for less than Amazon wanted when he went to England this weekend for a work thing. And he did, so now I have a Kindle.


So far all I’ve got in the way of literature is The Inheritance by Robin Hobb, which I’d already purchased through the Kindle app on my phone, thinking short stories would be a good emergency read (that’s what I’d use the Kindle app for, emergency reading when finding myself with a bit of a wait without a book in my bag – I don’t find reading on the small screen comfortable enough to do any regular reading that way). As I’m still with Jack and Stephen – at The Reverse of the Medal now – I don’t really need anything new to read for the next couple of weeks, so I’ve started following amazonkindle on Twitter to get notified of the daily deals, that seems to be the best strategy for the moment, since I’m unlikely to stop wanting to buy hard copies of the books I really like, it’s as well if I can get the ebooks cheap.