Speaking of Christmas

(Because Christmas is all about traditions. 2002 2003 2005 2006  2007 Hm. Did I really miss 2004?)

Dear Santa

I think I’ve been reasonably good this year. I only yelled at someone for being an anti-social idiot once, which is very restrained of me, I think. Considering you came through on that permanent job thing from last year, I don’t really want to ask for much, but there are always things a girl can wish for, right?

1. Peace on Earth. Thanks for sorting out the presidential situation in the States, but we’re still a bit of a way off the target, really. Any progress is appreciated.

2. An Overlock. Like this one. Or one of the Husqvarna Huskylocks they have here.

3. Non Stop. As per usual.

4. Health and longevity for my nearest and dearest and for the following authors/artists (and any others I may have forgotten): Robin Hobb, J.K. Rowling, Stephen Fry, Jo Nesbø, Ole Paus, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Alanis Morisette, Michael Wiehe, Michael Parkinson, Håkon Gullvåg, Rosamunde Pilcher, Bill Bryson, Kate Atkinson, Bob Dylan, Jasper Fforde and the Top Gear guys. You know why.

5. Pondus 8. divisjon, Nemi Skumle damen, Naiv og brutal, Lavmål mot nye høyder, Rex Rudi Go, Cat, Go! og Mperiet slår tilbake.

6. Silicone baking trays, especially for large muffins.

7. A Bosch kitchen machine (MUM6 or MUM8).

8. A couple of 8 gb compact flash cards.

9. Anything from Gaver med mening, Gaver som forandrer verden, Oxfam unwrapped (look, you can buy “me” schoolbooks!) and similar sites would give me warm, fuzzy feelings.

And since she’s too young to write her own list (partly because she can’t spell and partly because she hasn’t quite understood this Christmas-thing yet) and I need somewhere to keep this, here’s the list for the lass:

1. Audiobooks on CD, especially Thorbjørn Egner (all we have so far is De beste Egner-viser/Karius og Baktus).

2. Other CDs for children – good ones, please, that won’t drive her parents bonkers.

3. Listen and read combination things – those books with the story on CD – if they still exist?

4. Jammies. We’re in dire need of more. Size 98/104 centilong.

5. Woolens: Tops and longs/trousers.

6. Good books (but check with us first, we have quite a few – understatement of the year – though not too many for the age she’s at now and a couple of years ahead).

7. DVDs: Disney (check what we already have) and old children’s tv shows.

8. In the Night Garden (Drømmehagen) books and figurines/softies would make her happy, I think.

9. Doll’s clothes (pretty much any size doll) – hand made if you do that sort of thing. Judging from what we’ve seen so far she’s going to be “into” dolls in a major way.

10. Sleigh with steering wheel. What are they called in English? “Rattkjelke”, anyway.

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