The whole general mish-mash

1. The bloodbank has Moomin mugs again! My visit yesterday resulted in 0.5 litres less blood but in return I got this:



2. I registered at Pinterest. My username is Lattermild. There isn’t much to see, yet, but that’s bound to change. If you have your own board(s) or suggestions for whom I should follow, let me know.

3. We seem to have succeeded at getting the lass a place at Birralee as of this autumn. It’s for pre-school (or nursery school), and doesn’t guarantee a place at school proper, but I am quite delighted in any case.

4. If you read Swedish you should go read this entry by Ketchupmamman, which says all the things I’d like to have said about why genderised clothing for kids bothers me.

Nå kan jeg jo si det…

…for nå har jeg shoppet selv. Bilder kommer.

CI Pedersen har tilbud på Mummi-krus og asjetter:

  • Krus 129,-
  • Dyp asjett 199,-
  • Asjett 229,-

Siden normalpris ellers er 199,- for krus (OBS! har som regel standardutgavene til 149,-) og 299,- for dype asjetter må man jo kalle det knalltilbud. Dere trøndere som samler, eller trenger julegave til noen som samler, er herved tipset.

Oh, oh, oh!

Only days after my post on the Moomin-ware, and I’m back at the bloodbank. And, yes, they took my blood, and no, there were no Moomin mugs.

But there were Moomin spoons!


What could be more perfect? What with the coffee mugs and the deep dishes being easy to get hold of, dessert spoons is just the thing I was missing to make my life perfect. Or something.

But wait. No, not quite perfect yet. You see, to see if there were also forks and such I went to find the webpage of the spoonmaker: Hackman. It’s here:

And guess what they’ve got?


And not only that!

Casserole! With Little My!
Casserole! With Little My!

How do I want it? Let me count the ways.

Seriously. And they work on induction, too, which means we practically NEED one. Of each. Yeah.

Back to the spoons, they don’t have the kind I got at the bloodbank pictured on the website. No matter. BEsides, I’m going back in just a month to try donating bloodplates, which you can apparently do quite frequently compared to “whole blood”. So hopefully I can get another spoon then.

The ones they have on the website, though? Preciousssss.

Let me hear you say: Aaaaww.
Let me hear you say: Aaaaww.

So, that’s one more thing for the wishlist, then.


Mirjam Theresa of Æbleblomst posted pictures of her collection of Moomin-ware the other day and asked others to share. As it reminded me to put the dishes on the Christmas wishlist, I’m happy to oblige, though my collection is smaller and I don’t seem to have any she doesn’t. I do love them, though.

These have mostly been aquired through the simple means of donating blood, as it is customary here in Norway to get a “prize” for taking the trouble to donate and they’ve had the Moomin mugs as one of the choices for years. The last couple of times I’ve been they’ve been oddly lacking. A pity, though naturally that won’t stop me from donating.





These two are the only ones I’ve paid for (in money rather than blood…): The one on the right was a gift to the husband, so I guess that makes it his, the other is the special edition celebrating the Moomins’ 65th birthday.


What with all this Moomin focus, I suddenly remembered just what to look for at Outland today. I’d planned to stop by anyway, as they’d announced on Facebook that they were having a 3 for 2 sale on books and comics, but had no specific books in mind. And then suddenly I did. Luckily, they were not sold out, so I came home with these four:


According to the Outland webshop, there appears to be a fifth (or, rather, a fourth, as it is marked as volume four), which I guess will promptly go on the wishlist…