I’ve taken pictures of these squares before, but I seem not to have blogged them. Anyway, I’ve mounted a blanket, and started on edging, but ran out of yarn.

Edging started
Edging started

It’s annoying, because I first bought this yarn at Panduro in Charlottenberg, figuring I could always get more later as there are Panduro outlets in Trondheim and Oslo. However, it turns out that none of the other outlets actually stock this – it’s organic cotton. I’ve already had to buy more, and the first attempt to get it from the webshop was only partly successful, as they – in their wisdom – do not refer to the colour codes printed on the yarn tags, just to names. So I ended up with the wrong shade of white in that first order. Shortly after, I had the chance to stop by at Charlottenberg again, and stocked up on white, so I could finish the squares. I was hoping I had just enough left now to finish one round of edging in each colour, but alas.

So it’s sitting on a shelf in the office waiting for me to either order more from the webshop or stop by Charlottenberg again – a possibility in July. We’ll see.

I'm happy with the way it looks, though.
I'm happy with the way it looks, though.


This weekend we enjoyed a visit from an old friend and her new baby daughter. Much fun was had by all, especially the lass who dotes on babies. Now S and I have known each other for a very long time, practically from the day she was born, in fact, since her parents and mine were friends – still are, in fact. We spent many holidays and weekends together as kids, and once we got old enough to be let loose in the kitchen, we somehow got into a habit of making muffins – or cupcakes – whenever we had the chance.

It fell quite natural, therefore, to spend a few hours this weekend testing out Lille Hottentott’s pattern for crocheted muffins. With a rattle piece inside (purchased from Kaptein Biff), it was the perfect present for the baby.

20110327_muffinsAnd then we made muffins. To eat. And all was well with the world.


At the moment I’m about half way through crocheting a granny square blanket, which I discovered – to my delight – was a very simple thing to crochet. See, the problem with most crocheting patterns for my part – and with most knitting patterns too – is having to keep count and remember where I’d got to when I pick something up after a break. But with granny squares I don’t have to keep count, as it’s easy to tell at a glance where you are on a particular square. Lovely stuff.

Anyway, I’ve started collecting links for inspiration, and added a few blogs to my feed, too (most notably Bad Monkey and Kaptein Biff). For my next project I think I’ll try this pattern:

Circle in square pattern from Sols(tr)ikke (Norwegian)
Circle in square pattern from Sols(tr)ikke (Norwegian)

Unless I can find a good pattern for a square with a flower portrudin before then, as I’d like to make a blanket like that for a friend who expressed nostalgia for that particular type.

But I might consider another circle in square pattern that Bad Monkey linked to yesterday, namely this one:

Colorful Crochet

Which is called Circle of Friends. Aren’t those colours delicious?

Talking about colour, what do you say to these houses?


So, two new blogs for the feed, obviously:


I finished my first (I say first, because this is such an adorable pattern, I’m going to have to make more) monkey rattle just in time to give it away to Little N when we visited her last weekend. She is just three months old, and not quite grabbing things herself yet – almost there though, cause boy, did she want to grab! – but was quite clearly fascinated when someone else rattled the thing in front of her. As demonstrated by the lass in this picture:

20101128_aperangle1Ah, well, yes. Now, I wouldn’t really post pictures of Little N or the lass on the blog anyway, I guess you’d noticed? (If you know us and want to see pictures, let me know, we have a “secret” blog for such things.) However, due to something or other happening just as I shot this, this is actually the only action picture I have. Sorry.

Anyway, I did manage to get a picture of the finished rattle by itself, at least:

20101128_aperangle2It’s a little uneven and lumpy, but never mind. By the time it’s been chewed on for a few months no one will be able to tell anyway.

A reminder, if you want to make your own, the pattern is by Kaptein Biff and can be found here. And if you don’t want to make your own, the real deal can be found in her Epla shop. Accept no imitations (because of course imitations exist, don’t spend good money on one, though, get the real deal).

As soon as I find my crochet needles

I am making one of these:


I know everyone else is doing it, too, but how can one help oneself? Cuuuuute!

The pattern for the monkey rattle, in both Norwegian and English, is graciously shared by Kaptein Biff.

And if you can’t crochet – or can’t find your needles because you just moved – you can purchase a rattle from her Epla shop (if there are any in stock, they seem to sell the moment they are listed – but there are other designs as well, all equally cute, I might just die from the cuteness, actually).


Jeg har laptopen til reperasjon, og plutselig får jeg gjort en masse på kveldene. Pussig det der.

Jeg har derfor mange bilder å vise, men så har jeg laptopen til reperasjon, da, altså…

Foreløpig må vi derfor ta til takke med nogenlunde håpløse mobilbilder… Flotte farger på det første her, sant. Vakkert grønnskjær over det hele liksom. Og hva er det egentlig jeg hekler?

Watch this space…

I det minste ble jeg ferdig med juksebunaden til snuppa til 17. mai. Go me! Faktisk ble jeg ferdig til helga før, da dette bildet er tatt, siden vi skulle i 80-årsdag til min kjære grandonkel Pål og pent antrekk var å foretrekke. Fler – og bedre – bilder følger av dette også…