An admirable practice and, well, I might not get around to doing it regularly, but I can try, right?


  • Bjørn Sotland has been awarded Aschehougprisen 2011. I need to read some more of his books, I absolutely ADORE Raudt, blått og litt gult and Forteljinga om jakta på forteljinga.
  • The Guardian Books Blog has a transcript of a webchat with the invariably interesting Jasper Fforde (also linked from the bookblog).


The Interwebs


Is not something I do well. I’m terrible with money. Ok, not so terrible that I need a tv-team to sort things out for me (well, not yet, anyway), but bad enough. However, I have ambitions, and this is probably a good thing, and to inspire me and perhaps give me a few tips (or a lot of tips), I’ve been subscribing to Simple Mom on Bloglines.

Oh, yeah, I started reading blogs through Bloglines lately. Didn’t I tell you? I love it!

Anyway, Simple Mom is having a giveaway, and we all love giveaways, don’t we? This one is for an Epson do-dah that basically does everything except make the tea. Head over and have a look.

In addition to Bloglines, I also started using Delicious lately, and I can no longer remember whether that was prompted by Simple Mom or whether I suddenly remembered that I’d been meaning to check it out all by myself. In any case, it’s great. I keep bookmarking all sorts of stuff. One day I’lll actually use it to find things I’ve bookmarked, too. Kidding, I already do that. If you’re curious about what I’ve been bookmarking (lots of recipies and digilayouts, basically, as well as a general mish-mash of other stuff), you can find me here. If you use Delicious, too, please add me to your network and share your own finds with me.