20/365 - Throwing a (virtual) shoe at Bush

Today I’m throwing my shoe at Bush.

I have also watched the inauguration of Obama, participated in the live blogchat at Hoyden About Town (such fun), attempted to toast the dear man in Champagne and failed – the Champagne was corked, I think we might be haunted – but succeeded with some decent red wine. And now I will sit back and just savour the moment.

This I will say: If the man is a fraction as good at being president as he is at giving a speech, he will do nicely, and a d****d sight better than his predecessor. If you didn’t catch the speech, Melissa has posted a transcript. I’m sure he had help writing it, but he makes me believe what he says, and more importantly he makes me believe HE believes what he says. We’ll see. At least he can speak in words of more than one syllable, just that fact alone makes for a nice change.


Mr. soon-to-be President. May you acomplish all you imagined you might be able to do, and have fun doing so.

And congratulations to you, the people of the United States of America. You did the right thing. I am profoundly grateful.

Edit: You need to read this and this (via – yes, they made me tear up, too. Sentimental sap that I am.).

Another edit: Not all the news are good, though.