Is not something I do well. I’m terrible with money. Ok, not so terrible that I need a tv-team to sort things out for me (well, not yet, anyway), but bad enough. However, I have ambitions, and this is probably a good thing, and to inspire me and perhaps give me a few tips (or a lot of tips), I’ve been subscribing to Simple Mom on Bloglines.

Oh, yeah, I started reading blogs through Bloglines lately. Didn’t I tell you? I love it!

Anyway, Simple Mom is having a giveaway, and we all love giveaways, don’t we? This one is for an Epson do-dah that basically does everything except make the tea. Head over and have a look.

In addition to Bloglines, I also started using Delicious lately, and I can no longer remember whether that was prompted by Simple Mom or whether I suddenly remembered that I’d been meaning to check it out all by myself. In any case, it’s great. I keep bookmarking all sorts of stuff. One day I’lll actually use it to find things I’ve bookmarked, too. Kidding, I already do that. If you’re curious about what I’ve been bookmarking (lots of recipies and digilayouts, basically, as well as a general mish-mash of other stuff), you can find me here. If you use Delicious, too, please add me to your network and share your own finds with me.

Getting on the bandwagon

“Everybody’s” doing it. I think. Maybe. Registering at Facebook, that is. So I did, too. Not entirely sure why and wherefore – not least why I imagine I need yet another drain on my time – but, you know, curiosity killed the cat and all that. I’ve yet to locate any surprising people, but perhaps some surprising people will locate me if I hang around for a bit?

Time will tell.

Ah, the power of f***ed up IDs

A comment left this morning had me scratching my head, it obviously refers to the same thing as the previous two comments, but what they refer to has nothing to do with the entry. Then I remembered that in the process of reimporting all the entries a while back I messed up the entry IDs somewhat, and that the first two comments were probably made on a different entry entirely. Turns out the original comments have puzzled me before – and that you can still leave comments on the old parts of the site, except they may end up on entirely the wrong entry. The usual snafu stuff, in other words. I’d still like to know why the first commenter refers to the Wendy Cope poem as a painting, though. And I’m beginning to wish I could hear the piece of music…

But I guess I had better try to do something about that whole ID-not-quite-matching-thing soonish…

Could someone please explain

I mean, I see the point of blog-spam, sort of, to the extent that I see the point of spam at all – you have product, you want to sell it, in order to sell it you need to have people visiting your webpage and so you spread the url of your webpage by any means possible. It sort of makes sense.

Then we had the spate of junk comments that linked to legitimate sites, which confused me for a bit. I suppose it was done in the hope that it would confuse spam-detectors. Well, sorry to disappoint, but we don’t need to blacklist everything, you know, there is such a thing as a “delete” button, too. Anyway, after having thought about it, these attempts sort of made sense (in a twisted kind of way, but still).

But this morning I found someone calling herself (or should I say “itself”) Betsy Markum had left a comment on this entry to tell me that her (its) coworker has bought a car (I’ve okayed it, since it’s not doing any harm apart from confusing and amusing me). Why? The entry is old hat and does not mention cars. The comment does not contain any links. Does (the bing that calls itself) Betsy want me to e-mail her and say “Wow! Where do you get such cars?” or “Wow! Where do you work since you can afford to buy such cars?” (it seems a hefty price for a car, though I really have no idea of realistic car prices).

Could someone please explain?


Or, as Martin would say, nasty, horrid picturesesssessssss. Never mind.

I’m experimenting, ever so slightly, with flickr. So far I found all of three pictures on the laptop that I felt like uploading. More will follow, eventually. I’ve added a “badge” to the main blog page, until I have more worth viewing I will stick to the one.

Addendum: If anyone uses MT 3.2 in combination with flickr successfully and can explain why I get invalid username/password errors when trying to set it up, please do.


I’ve just marked two comments as “junk” that had the from-address: ads@botnet.info

Legitimate comments? Yeah. Sure.

That’s so blatant and uninventive it’s not even funny.

The links, though, were actually marginally relevant and borderline interesting. However, spam is still spam. And no, I’m not going to tell you what they were.