Continuing the tradition

Dear Santa,

I have been reasonably good this year, I think. I have not gone on a killing spree with a sawn off shotgun and I have not, despite what a lot of people would agree was adequate provocation, strangled, slapped or even yelled at anyone. I have visited my grandparents as often as I could and I have tried to remember to phone them. I have remembered all of my friends’ birthdays within at most a week and I have made an effort to tell people that I appreciate their friendship even though it might not always be obvious when I am in one of my unsociable moods.

I would therefore appreciate it if you could take a look at the following list and do with it as you see fit. It’s pretty similar to last year’s list, really, but then, I don’t seem to change much (and neither does the world). I know Christmas is still some time away, but I just started my own Christmas list (who gets what – it takes some thought, and I like getting it right) today, and I figured some of the items – item 1 especially – might take you some time.

1. Peace on earth. (I’m sure you did your best last year, unfortunately the human race seem to have messed it up again. A renewed attempt would be much appreciated.)
2. A breadmaker.
3. A measure of will-power.
4. The new novel by Jo Nesb? (Marekors).
5. A bag of Non Stop (didn’t get one last year, and even if I had it would have been gone by now)
6. Some time for J.K. Rowling to sit down and finish writing The Last Two Books.
7. Health and longevity for my nearest and dearest and for the following authors/artists (and any others I may have forgotten): Robin Hobb, J.K. Rowling, Stephen Fry, Jo Nesb?, Ole Paus, Bj?rn Eidsv?g, Alanis Morisette, Michael Wiehe, Parkinson, H?kon Gullv?g, Rosamunde Pilcher, Bill Bryson, Kate Atkinson, Bob Dylan and Jasper Fforde. You know why.
8. A Canon EOS 300D
9. Roman Holiday on DVD, and some other stuff.
10. More room in my flat (ok, I know it’s tricky, but surely you can come up with something, considering your ability to fit down chimneys and all?)