It’s that time of year (take 4, or something)

Continuing the tradition of, well, it’s been a few years now:

Dear Santa,

once again I think I’ve been reasonably good. I’ve only been nasty to people who were nasty to me first, and sometimes I haven’t even bothered being nasty back (I mean, why bother with people who are nasty at all?). I gave to charity. Regularly, even, and though I’m not even close to the prescribed tenth I think I’m doing ok. I read No Logo again and have therefore developed a fear of ordinary shops as I keep seeing kids chained to sewing machines in my head when I look at the goods they sell, and it’s harder to ignore this time around – must be the hormones. Fairtrade shops are now my friends. Anyway, if you can find your way to providing one or more of the following (wrapped up underneath the tree where appropriate), I’d be grateful, and the season would be jolly:

1. Peace on earth (I know I keep harping on about it, but see what you can do, ok?)
2. A smooth entry to this world for the alien currently residing in my big belly.
3. While we wait for world peace and joy to all mankind: More fairtrade shops and more fairtrade goods in ordinary shops.
4. A tumble dryer
5. Some time for J.K. Rowling to sit down and finish writing The Last Book (and for the publishers to get it out there!).
6. The following books: Pondus: 0-6 – Frode