Oh, oh, oh!

Only days after my post on the Moomin-ware, and I’m back at the bloodbank. And, yes, they took my blood, and no, there were no Moomin mugs.

But there were Moomin spoons!


What could be more perfect? What with the coffee mugs and the deep dishes being easy to get hold of, dessert spoons is just the thing I was missing to make my life perfect. Or something.

But wait. No, not quite perfect yet. You see, to see if there were also forks and such I went to find the webpage of the spoonmaker: Hackman. It’s here:


And guess what they’ve got?


And not only that!

Casserole! With Little My!
Casserole! With Little My!

How do I want it? Let me count the ways.

Seriously. And they work on induction, too, which means we practically NEED one. Of each. Yeah.

Back to the spoons, they don’t have the kind I got at the bloodbank pictured on the website. No matter. BEsides, I’m going back in just a month to try donating bloodplates, which you can apparently do quite frequently compared to “whole blood”. So hopefully I can get another spoon then.

The ones they have on the website, though? Preciousssss.

Let me hear you say: Aaaaww.
Let me hear you say: Aaaaww.

So, that’s one more thing for the wishlist, then.

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