Bundle of Love

Can you tell I’m doing catch-up?

Well, I have dug through my fabric stash and now I have this pile:

Bundle to be

And all I have to do is locate some thread and trimmings and the scissors I picked up at IKEA the other day (scissors are useful when sewing, right?), and perhaps I have some yarn, too? Anyway, it is then getting wrapped up and sent off to the Netherlands where it will enter the mysterious thing that is APO and hopefully, at last, end up being put to good use by an Iraqi woman (or man?). Stashbusting AND do-gooding all at once, can it get better?

Hurry, you just have time to join me! Go to the IBOL-blog for more info and to sign up.

Edited to say:

In case you’re wondering why I’m doing this, I guess you could call it paying forward. And I just found this piece written by the woolywoman via the IBOL blog:

Well, I hope somewhere in Iraq, someday, a young man who is hearing that he needs to blow himself up because the Americans are evil pauses back to the day that the American soldiers gave his mom a bundle of sewing supplies, and how happy she was, and that the bundle was sent over by a regular American woman for his mom. Maybe she will be making her sons some nice little shirts for school out of that green fabric, and they will remember, and the world will change a little bit. I remain hopeful. My kids remain hopeful. I am so grateful to the US soldier who gave me the opportunity to reach out to a mother across the world.

So I’m not American, but in this case it really makes no difference. This war was started in my name too, whether I like it or not. So here’s my contribution to a common sense attempt at making life just a little bit better for just a few Iraqis.

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