Stikkordarkiv: reread

McCaffrey reread

As mentioned, I’ve been rereading. To be more specific: Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums and The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey. It seems I only ever said a few words about the first three and never even blogged The White Dragon at all. So I have no idea when I first read it. Annoying.

Anyway, what with the blogging backlog I have (of the 70-odd books I’ve read this year, I’ve only blogged 20 or so), this is nor going to be much of a review either, but at least I have now got it on record. I read them.

I love Dragonsong and Dragonsinger, actually. Menolly is such an engaging character. Dragondrums is nice, but feels a bit short, I feel Piemur deserved a few more pages. The White Dragon is substantially longer, and so Jaxom and Ruth get their time in the limelight, but I found the repeated agonising over Ruth’s lack of interest in mating a bit tedious this time around. It seems unimportant to me, an interesting point to underline his otherness dragonwise, but no more than that.

I was well into the Pern universe once I finished, and if I’d had Moreta – Dragonlady of Pern on hand I would likely have continued with that, but I haven’t. I might get the ebook, but by now – two completely different books later – I am not in such a hurry, and Mt TBR is telling me I really do not need to buy any books for a looooong while*. So we’ll see.


* That said, I ordered three today: Moranthology, The Casual Vacancy and Hitta vilse. So I’m obviously mostly deaf to that voice.

At it again

I succumbed. I realised a little while back that one of the reasons Fiction and I were at odds was that whatever I tried to read had one major fault: It was not Patrick O’Brian. I tried to resist starting another reread because, really, there are so many books in mnt tbr and a reread takes two months at least, two months when I don’t get to reduce the mnt at all. So I read some non-fiction, which kept me amused, but then decided that O’Brian was worth it, and now I’m half-way into Master & Commander.

I’m not given to envy, but oh, how I envy those lucky people who get to read the Aubrey/Maturin saga for the first time. I even envy my past self. Had I realised what was going on I would have savoured it more. However, a reread is no bad thing, either, I still discover new treasures (and smile in recognition at old).

The 20-book set must be one of my best book-puchases ever. Talk about value for money. I bought most of them at «3 for 2» in Worthing, and at least one second-hand – in the Oxfam bookshop i Oxford, in fact. And I read them when I first bought them in 2000 (pre-blog days), and again in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2007. And my father has read them once. So with this reread we’re up to 7 reads. See why I buy books rather than borrow them?