November 2019
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Jeg sikler til stadighet (altså, ikke bokstavelig, da, det ville være uhygenisk) over putene til Putegeriljaen. Hva med deg? Enten du som meg har siklet lenge eller dette er første gang du ser putene har du nå TO sjanser til å vinne en pute. Eventuelt en sjanse til å vinne TO puter, dersom du har griseflaks.

Den første finner du hos Skjerstad 


Den andre hos Gult hus i svingen


Lykke til! Og gratulerer til begge bloggene med 1-årsdagen!


At the moment I’m about half way through crocheting a granny square blanket, which I discovered – to my delight – was a very simple thing to crochet. See, the problem with most crocheting patterns for my part – and with most knitting patterns too – is having to keep count and remember where I’d got to when I pick something up after a break. But with granny squares I don’t have to keep count, as it’s easy to tell at a glance where you are on a particular square. Lovely stuff.

Anyway, I’ve started collecting links for inspiration, and added a few blogs to my feed, too (most notably Bad Monkey and Kaptein Biff). For my next project I think I’ll try this pattern:

Circle in square pattern from Sols(tr)ikke (Norwegian)

Circle in square pattern from Sols(tr)ikke (Norwegian)

Unless I can find a good pattern for a square with a flower portrudin before then, as I’d like to make a blanket like that for a friend who expressed nostalgia for that particular type.

But I might consider another circle in square pattern that Bad Monkey linked to yesterday, namely this one:

Colorful Crochet

Which is called Circle of Friends. Aren’t those colours delicious?

Talking about colour, what do you say to these houses?



So, two new blogs for the feed, obviously:


Ok, så er jeg litt treig. Jeg er i hvert fall den siste til å skrive om lørdagens bloggtreff… For Namaste var jo i Trøndelagen, så jeg troppet opp på Ni Muser, for dette hadde jeg for meg at måtte bli trivelige greier – trivelige folk trekker jo til seg andre trivelige folk, ikke sant? Og det ble det. Trivelig altså. Foruten Namaste og undertegnede var damene fra Gult hus i svingen, Skjerstad og Kreativius tilstede og dessuten kom Barbro hesblesende når hun var ferdig på jobb. Det ble skravlet. Det ble også spist. Riktignok fikk ikke Namaste den etterlengtede rekesalaten sin, og jeg fikk heller ikke eggesalat. Det viser seg at de har endret menyen på Ni Muser siden noen av oss vanket der for over ti år siden. Hørt sånt syn.

Som god matblogger (ja, jeg bedriver jo slikt også) tok jeg bilde av maten:

Ciabatta med kylling og tzasiki

Ciabatta med kylling og tzasiki

Den smakte utmerket. Dessuten tok jeg bilde av denne kaken, som en av oss spiste, jeg skal ikke sladre om hvem ;)

20101120_treff2Men bilde av de tilstedeværende presterte jeg ikke å ta.

Kreativius hadde til og med gaver! Så jeg er nå den heldige eier av disse tre skjønne julekurvene:

20101120_gaveJeg hang dem opp i vinduet for å ta bilde og bestemte meg for at der får de henge en stund og lyse opp, fine tingene. Kreativius, du er en knupp!

Det er dere forresten alle sammen, damer. Tusen takk for et usedvanlig hyggelig treff!

As soon as I find my crochet needles

I am making one of these:


I know everyone else is doing it, too, but how can one help oneself? Cuuuuute!

The pattern for the monkey rattle, in both Norwegian and English, is graciously shared by Kaptein Biff.

And if you can’t crochet – or can’t find your needles because you just moved – you can purchase a rattle from her Epla shop (if there are any in stock, they seem to sell the moment they are listed – but there are other designs as well, all equally cute, I might just die from the cuteness, actually).

Etsy inspiration

I’m in the middle of a new quilt project (pictures to come) and needed some input on sizing, so I thought I’d do an Etsy search to see what other people have done. And boy, have they. Done things, I mean. I was expecting drool-worthy stuff, I must admit, and I was not disappointed. Here’s a selection, saved for future inspiration:

baby patchwork quilt from olivetreetextiles

baby patchwork quilt from olivetreetextiles

Handmade Fussy Cut quilt from sewsecret

Handmade Fussy Cut quilt from sewsecret

Strawberry Surprise from Spoolnloops

Strawberry Surprise from Spoolnloops

Modern Baby Quilt by Red Pepper Quilts (knitknat)

Modern Baby Quilt by Red Pepper Quilts (knitknat)Mrs. Roy G. Biv Quilt Pattern from CarolinaPatchworks

New friends

Two new friends moved in with us yesterday. First off: Nigel the Annihilator.

Nigel the Annihilator

The lass promptly pronounced him a “løwe” (lion) and insisted on dressing him in the monster hat that I also bought. It didn’t really work as a hat for him as she couldn’t get it to cover his ears – very important – without also covering his nose, but she was quite happy when she found it could be used as “bosse” (trousers, though sleeping bag would be more descriptive of the effect).

I’ve been admiring the work of Happycloud Thunderhead (etsy and blog) for a while, and was thrilled to have actual specimens in my hands. I suppose it’s a little late for Christmas shopping now, but surely you can find an excuse to buy a monster in 2009? Go shop!

The second new member of the family is someone I’ve coveted quite shamefully for some time, namely Doyle the Bat from Soto Softies (I’ll snap his portrait later). He’s being kept well out of reach of the lass’ hands for the time being, but I’m smitten like a very smitten thing indeed. I did, in fact, consider bringing him to work with me.

They are both the results of a very limited shopping spree I indulged in as a sort of reward for landing myself a (fairly well paid) permanent job (and in the middle of the financial crisis to boot). In fact, this is pretty much the extent of the shopping spree, the only additional thing being a digiscrapping kit or two, amounting to less than 20 dollars, so I’m feeling very restrained.

I got a treasure in the mail

I received my quilt from the Doll Quilt Swap on Thursday, but the first chance I got to photograph it in natural light was this morning (well, it is winter). Here it is:

Doll Quilt Swap 5 - front

Now, do you think any doll will ever get to come near this? Ha! It’s mine, all mine! Mine, I tell you. You dolls just keep your tiny little hands off!

I will have to find a scrap of wall to display it. This might prove difficult, but I have faith.

Here’s the back:

Doll Quilt Swap 5 - back

I could happily gaze on that for hours, too, how did my benefactor guess that I simply looooove these colours?

And look at the quilting:

Doll Quilt Swap 5 - detail

I’m speechless with admiration. I need to get my sewing machine fixed and start practicing feathers. Oh, and the log cabins have nifty spirally quilting, which is even better than the feathers, if such a things is possible. Ok, let’s say they are equally brilliant, shall we.

And who is the master (mistress?) of this wonderful creation? Well, her name is Shelly Sutton, and she blogs here. She teaches classes. That figures.

‘Scuse me while I go gaze some more at this little work of art.

Now, there’s a halloween costume

…I’d almost say to die for, but I’d prefer to keep my head, thank you very much. Without it I wouldn’t really be able to appreciate the wondrousness that is Grosgrain’s Marie-Thérèse dress. Lookee:

I’m flabbergasted.