New friends

Two new friends moved in with us yesterday. First off: Nigel the Annihilator.

Nigel the Annihilator

The lass promptly pronounced him a “løwe” (lion) and insisted on dressing him in the monster hat that I also bought. It didn’t really work as a hat for him as she couldn’t get it to cover his ears – very important – without also covering his nose, but she was quite happy when she found it could be used as “bosse” (trousers, though sleeping bag would be more descriptive of the effect).

I’ve been admiring the work of Happycloud Thunderhead (etsy and blog) for a while, and was thrilled to have actual specimens in my hands. I suppose it’s a little late for Christmas shopping now, but surely you can find an excuse to buy a monster in 2009? Go shop!

The second new member of the family is someone I’ve coveted quite shamefully for some time, namely Doyle the Bat from Soto Softies (I’ll snap his portrait later). He’s being kept well out of reach of the lass’ hands for the time being, but I’m smitten like a very smitten thing indeed. I did, in fact, consider bringing him to work with me.

They are both the results of a very limited shopping spree I indulged in as a sort of reward for landing myself a (fairly well paid) permanent job (and in the middle of the financial crisis to boot). In fact, this is pretty much the extent of the shopping spree, the only additional thing being a digiscrapping kit or two, amounting to less than 20 dollars, so I’m feeling very restrained.

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