I might just rename this blog Mirthful’s Wishlists

As that’s what you’re getting today, too. For some action, check out the bookblog and the comestibles blog, they’ve been updated quite frequently lately.

Anyway, one year away from the big 4 oh. Next year will be celebrated in style, that’s the plan anyway. Not sure what sort of style, but style, definitely. This year there will be less celebration, but of course I want gifts anyway.

1. A new laptop, one with a decent graphics card and more than 2 GB RAM. I can’t run Photoshop and email at the same time on this one and that’s a pain in the b***, especially since I just spent the last three months or so using Photoshop daily to create photobooks from last year. I got them back today (the photobooks, not the three months) and there might just be a post on those at some point, but I’m rambling and I’ll stop here.

2. A wok pan that works on induction stovetops. We just changed our stovetop (since the old one died) and now we don’t have a working wok. Not good. We got a frying pan from Woll for Christmas which I adore, but they don’t seem to make make woks. I’d prefer one with one long handle on one side and a non-stick coating that can take metal utensils.

3. A small pot that works on induction stovetops. 1 liter or thereabouts. We have one, but frequently need two.

4. Things that can be eaten or drunk.

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