Uhm, what?

One of my favourite online tools is thesaurus.com, which I use if I can’t quite find the word I’m looking for. You know, when I’m writing something and want a word that means X, but all I can think of is this other word that almost, but not quite, means X. Or if I’ve already used X in the previous sentence and need another word that enchances the subject rather than just repeating what I’ve already said. Occasionally I use it to check the meaning of a word, to see, for example, if it has synonyms of both positive and negative connotations. This afternoon I had the occasion to look up the word “expletives”. As you do.


Notice the google ads? Why is google trying to sell me religion based on a search on “expletives”? Is the assumption that the only people who care about swear words are in search of religion or is it that my interest in the word indicates that I’m a filthy unbeliever who needs to be saved from eternal damnation?

One thought to “Uhm, what?”

  1. Thesaurus and dictionary are really useful tools, I sometimes use them in different cases.
    By the way, I also use few online tools, for example english thesaurus.
    I prefer online tools too, because no need to install any applications and they avaliable anywhere, where I can get Internet access.

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