I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe it

I received a comment on this blog yesterday:

Well, I read all your posts for now…I’llcome back tomorow for more great posts!

Actually, it was one of about 20 comments caught by the spam filter over the last couple of days (spam filters FTW), most of which are in the same vein, i.e. telling me how interesting my blog is in varying degrees of bad English. If you have a blog I’m guessing you get them, too.

This one stood out, however. All my posts happen to add up to quite a few. We were talking about our “internet history” at work just before the holidays and I realised – again – that I have been blogging for quite a long time. In fact, we’re coming up to my 9 year anniversary. I started the bookblog in February 2002. And then Roger suggested I needed to post about something other than books, so I started a general mish-mash sort of blog in April the same year. And though I’ve changed platform a couple of times and lost most of the oldest comments at some point a few years ago (I’ve actually got them backed up, they’re just not connected to the correct post anymore and so make very little sense), all the posts are available in the archives.

Hence if you just found my blog there is quite a lot to catch up on, even if there have been long periods during those nine years where I’ve written nothing for months. You’re not going to be able to “read all my posts” just like that, I wouldn’t actually neccessarily advice reading all of them, as a matter of fact, and even if you did, it would be more like “well, I FINALLY finished reading my way through you archives”.


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