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Possibly of the year.

This afternoon we thought we’d check out the flea market that was supposed to be at Stjørdal, and on the way there we stopped by Røde Kors-huset i Hommelvik where there was also a market happening. We browsed the furniture outside, but nothing really caught our fancy, then headed inside. The first thing I noticed, partly because it was right inside the door, was a loom. “Vev 350 kr” a note on it said. Well, I knew for a fact I didn’t have 350 NOK, and the husband had just remarked he didn’t have any cash, so I decided to browse the rest of the room. Nothing else caught our fancy, though, and as they had a sign up saying “bag sale from 1 pm, 50 kr a bag”, I figured they were getting to the point where they wanted to get rid of stuff. I checked my wallet and found I had a 200 kr note, so I thought i was worth a shot.

I’ll give you 200 for the loom – it’s all I have on me.

I guess by now you’ve realised that the answer was “OK”?

All mine
All mine

It’s what we’d call a “table loom”, as in you can put it on top of a table to weave. It also came with a stand, which we dismantled to get it in the car. All the essential pieces seem to be there.

Now, my mum actually has two looms (only one assembled, though), but they’re both pretty big. My mother-in-law also has a big one. So I can’t claim I needed my own to get to try weaving, exactly. However, having one’s own is obviously nice, it means I decide how to thread it. Since it’s pretty portable, too, I can take it to my mum’s to get her to help me and then take it home again to weave, if I was to “borrow” one of theirs it would mean sitting at their place to weave. Not quite the same thing.

So: Juhuu! All round.

Other than that it was mostly slim picking this weekend, though we managed 5 different flea markets. The on at Stjørdal was in an old hangar and was simply too big – or perhaps we were there too late and everything interesting had been sold? At least I couldn’t find anything worth buying. Saturday was somewhat better. Some books and some dvds, a couple of orphaned plates and a box containing 20-30 Bionicle figures (I haven’t attempted to sort though them to figure out just how many) for 50 kr, which has to be considered cheap. Oh, and a pair of Levis in the lass’ size for the humongous sum of 5 kr.

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