One thing is given

Europris have recently started selling a line of storage boxes from Lego. They don’t have pictures online, but these seem to be the same:


 They are even stackable. If you had enough of them you could build a life-size lego fort. Now there’s an idea…

Ok, maybe not, but I will certainly be stocking up on a few in order to store the increasing Lego collection.

I notice we are not the only ones, Den gode feen has also discovered them, and already purchased some. I think we’ll wait until we have actually moved.

2 thoughts to “One thing is given”

  1. Brilliant! Using Lego to store Lego. J has started playing with Lego this summer, li’l sis O is still busy with Duplo. We actually went to Legoland in Germany as an extra treat on our holiday, don’t know who enjoyed that more, us or the kids! I also got some Lego of my own: a lovely Christmas scene (Dickens, not Bible). Got to get my hands on those Lego boxes. You know how I like boxes :)

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