Sentimental sap

An absolutely non-exhaustive list of songs that are likely to make me cry:

  • Eldorado – Åge Aleksandersen
  • Jessie – Joshua Kadison
  • He Didn’t Have to Be – Brad Paisley
  • One Moment in Time – Whitney Houston
  • Teddybjørnens vise – Alf Prøysen
  • Lindansaren – Michael Wiehe
  • Tuppen og Lillemor (I kid you not, though I don’t actually have this song as MP3, so I’m not exposed to it very often, I have been known, however, to hum it to myself, involuntarily, and tear up… Do you think there’s a drug for this sort of thing?)
  • Flickan och kråkan – Michael Wiehe
  • Skyfri himmel – Bjørn Eidsvåg
  • Dear Mr. President – Pink
  • Harper Valley PTA – anyone of a bunch of people

Occasioned by the potentially embarrassing fact that three of these popped up on my mp3-player this morning (as usual, it’s in random mode) while I was waiting for and then riding on the bus.

2 thoughts to “Sentimental sap”

  1. I know. Horrid, isn’t it? And I’ve thought of a few more songs that ought to be on the list, and several more of them are Åge’s. It’s embarrassing, really.

    Mind you, I do have a daughter who says “bainnainn” and “æå” and so on, so I guess I’m a lost cause by now.

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