Still more fun and games. The Thursday Thumb Twiddler.

1. If you could script the basic plot for the dream you will have tonight, what would it be?
I would want it to be as bizarre as possible, preferably involving a lot of people I know in completely absurd context, possibly with some people I haven’t thought about for years cropping up. It’s dreams of that kind I enjoy the most when occasionally I have them. Move over Salvador Dali, make way for the dream surrealist…

2. What one thing do you personally believe all people should do or experience at least once in their lifetime, just to say they’ve done it?
Tough one. Well, everybody should try to read Shakespeare. And I mean really try, as in: Make an effort, read several plays, not just read the first lines of a play and give up. Not just to say they’ve done it but to make sure they don’t miss out from negligence.

3. If you knew it would, within twenty years, halve the incidence of violent crime, would you want to eliminate all physical violence from television and film?
Of course. I don’t actually need to see people beating each other up, you know. I’d miss the swashbuckling scenes, but I could live without them.