I’d rather have…

I’ve just watched Waiting to Exhale (I also saw it in the cinema when it came out, it was on telly this evening), and the first half certainly has a lot of “I’d rather have a good cuppa” moments. Crikey. Anyhoo, I cried all the way through the second half, so I suppose that’s good. Or is it?

Well, at least the men weren’t all bastards. Most of them were, obviously, but not all.

Voice in my head: Whitney Houston singing Saving All my Love for You (which makes sense, seeing as she was in that sort of relationship for a while in the movie – though she threw the bastard over after a while, I’m glad to say. Whew, but he was sexy, though. Pity, that. Still, that whole “I’m doing what’s best for my child by cheating on my wife” act is rather off-putting, so I’m glad she threw his drink at him. Still…)