I dunno

I took a test on some website where one of the questions was:

Within the past 6 months, how often did you use a seat belt when riding in or driving a car, truck or other motorized vehicle?

And the alternatives:

Rarely or not at all
Some of the time
Almost all of the time

Now, is it just me or is there a missing alternative here, as in ALL the time? I get into a car, I put on the seatbelt. This is a completely involuntary action, pure autopilot. Nevermind that we might be waiting for one of the other passengers and might sit in the car for half an hour before actually going anywhere, sitting in a car with no seatbelt on feels inherently wrong, so I just don’t.

Voice in my head: A very odd medley of “Yes, sir, I can boogie” in a squeaky girl’s voice and a scratchy Evert Taube recording of “Flickan i Havana”