I hurt everywhere. I somehow got myself really geared up Saturday morning and decided that since I had an opportunity to try snowboarding I would…

Great fun, though, and I want to have a go again, but next time I’m bringing my knee-pads (ouch, ouch, ouch).

The weekend was a blast. There was great food, there was partying, there was certainly more than enough alchohol, there were people being discovered asleep in the bubble bath when other people got up for breakfast in the morning, there was even playing of TP in the sauna (girls against boys, girls obviously winning by the time we had to quit, despite being in a definite minority). And there was snowboarding. The weather, too, was just perfect. Cloudy, but mild enough to make being outside bearable (-4 to -9, most of the time).

With hindsight I obviously didn’t need my skis and ski boots. On the other hand, there was only thing I forgot to pack – it turned out that it was that time of the month… A quick trip to the shop sorted that problem out.

Voice in my head: Avril Lavigne hollering “Can’t you see that you’re lying to yourself?” (Is that my subconscious trying to give me a hint, I wonder?) – can’t remember the name of the song