Stick a fork in me, I’m done

Having a hard time concentrating. Which is a problem, as my main task today is checking over documents that will end as attachments to a big deal we’re supposed to sign next week (I say “we”, I won’t actually be her, of course, I’ll be in Scotland. Which makes it all the more important that I identify any issues I need to raise NOW rather than when I get back – after people heve put their names on teh dotted lines). The documents, therefore, describe pretty much what I’ll be working on until some time next year. And I’m in charge of estimating how much time we’ll need to do the work, so if I don’t check the documents properly, I may find myself in all kinds of s**t come March. Not a pleasant prospect. My, this responsibilty thing is fun, isn’t it? (Ahem.)

But it is so hard to consentrate. I want to go home and pack!

Norwegian lesson of the day: Reisefeber n. Travel fever; an innocuous psychological affliction. the special kind of mostly pleasurable restlessness and flutterings of the stomach experienced in the days, weeks or months before travelling. A more frustrating variant of reisefeber can be experienced in cases of “travel by association”, when someone close to the afflicted person is travelling to either A. a place the afflicted person knows well or B. a place the afflicted person would really like to visit.

Voice in my head: Tangled Up in Blue