The good, the bad and the not so very pretty

Course continues, and headache is redeveloping, but today I brought Ibuprophen. Yay me.

Linda is back! Whoohoo! (Ok you guys probably didn’t know, because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but she’s been on holiday for weeks and been sorely missed – I can finally follow my impulse to phone Linda with an actual phone call instead of following it with a sinking feeling remembering she is out of reach.)

Her luggage, however, is not back. Neither is her friend, Lene’s. It disappeared at some point between, as far as I can gather, Palermo and Oslo. Here’s to hoping it’s just gone on a bit of a wild trip to Kualalumpur or something, and that it shows up. Though getting the money back on insurance is a good excuse for a major shopping spree, have you ever considered how inadequate the “replacement cost price” really is for a wardrobe that’s been built up over years? If you’re just a little bit picky over clothes, in losing your suitcase like that you’re bound to lose some favourite pieces of clothing (that t-shirt that just perfectly matches your eyes, that one pair of trousers that actually look good and are comfy simultaneously). So crossing my fingers that the rougue bags have not been stolen.

In any case, I’m celebrating her return by going for a visit next weekend (30th-1st). Linda will be in the process of moving in in Arvika, Sweden, where she’ll be starting work at the hospital. Cider will be consumed (they have cider in Sweden – and I’m talking about English cider, not Swedish, though, naturally, they have the latter, too). Fun will be had. Whisky will be purchased for the next NMWL meeting (which means I have to figure out how to declare stuff when taking the train across the border – no customs’ booth on the train, so how?).

Ooops, break over.

Sound of the moment: Instructor talking about dlls
Age of the moment: 10ish (in excitement over prospect of seeing Linda)