That skirt I mentioned

Looks like this


The Hello Kitty was the lass’ idea… The pattern is from another Ottobre (I’ll check the issues and update). I didn’t want to “waste” the happy camper fabric on a lining which was not meant to show, so I used a scrap of blue organic cotton. The button is from stash (aquired in a big lot of buttons at a flea market). I must say I’m pretty pleased, I even managed to figure out the whole issue of the fly – something I’ve never sewn from scratch before. The instructions in Ottobre are pretty good, on the whole, though, so I will not claim any unreasonable honour from that.

I made one alteration to the pattern, since I cut it rather big (hoping it will last a while): I added button hole elastic in the waistband with buttons (again from that flea market stash) to enable adjusting it. A good thing I did, too, as it’s waaaaay too wide as is, but looks pretty good once tightened a bit.

Action picture may be forthcoming…

One thought to “That skirt I mentioned”

  1. So cool that you can sew, and that you do. I got a sewing machine as a present, now I’m waiting for my mother to come back from her winter down South to show me how to work it. I can follow the manual of course, but already hit a glitch trying to untangle the thread to thread it through the machine…

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