Yay! Birthday! Soon!

Well, you know. I like birthdays. Especially my own. I mean, what’s not to like? People give you attention, and gifts, and cake. Cake!

Oh, and gifts. So, obviously, wishlist:

1. A vacuum cleaner (ours died). Like this one. I hear good things about Miele in the vacuum department. Or a Roomba. A Roomba would in many ways be even better, especially in that I wouldn’t have to push it around, or indeed get off the sofa at all.

2. Crumpler camera bags. More specifically, one Crumpler Banana Hammock in brown  and a shoulder bag with room for DSL and at least two extra lenses, preferably more. The New Dehli 770 (or larger) looks nice and so does the messenger style in XXL or XXXL. (On a related note, I’ve got a lightly used Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 for sale…)

3. An overlock.

And. Uhm. Is that it? I think it might be.

From which we can conclude that life is pretty good.

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