Ok, so, I know it’s the 2nd. But I did post yesterday, it’s just that I posted on the bookblog and on the ingestibles blog rather than here. I’m going to say it counts, though.

So, I’m not going quite as crazy as tonbel and doing the NaNoWriMo, though every year when it comes up I think “well, maybe next year”. So, maybe next year. But I think I can do NaBloPoMo, as I’m in a bit of a blogging groove or something (I mean, when’s the last time I wrote as many blogposts in a month as I’ve done this October?). One thing, though: By now, shouldn’t it be IntBloPoMo? It’s hardly a “national” phenomenon anymore, is it?

Wait, ok, just to be completely crazy – or possibly bite over more than I can chew, I’m going to post the ingestibles blog to the blogroll, too. That’ll be fun. Yeah.

Bloggers I read regularly who are also doing it (will add to this list as I discover more…):

One thought to “NaBloPoMo”

  1. Very cool, I will be following you closely. Meanwhile back at the ranch, my NaNoWriMo effort is redefining “tripe”, so far, but I am sure some sort of genius will strike a few thousand words down the line. Or not. But those few thousand words will have to be written if I am ever to find out, so I will stick with it.

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