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The friendship bag went astray, or was somehow appropriated by the post office. It certainly never reached its recipient. What with sewing mojo already being at the low ebb, this didn’t help. Still, there is simply no excuse for the tardiness of my package in the stitcher’s angels swap, but more of that by the by.

Once I got myself by the scruff of the neck back to the sewing machine I made a replacement bag for Renata of Zigzago:

Replacement friendship bag

This one made it to Italy, I’m glad to say.


I received my package in the stitcher’s angels swap at around the time one would expect if the sender stuck to the deadline, that is, in November. I loved the package, but didn’t have the heart to blog about it until I’d sent my own, and the longer it took the harder it was. Anyway, my package was put together by Lene of Denmark, and just look at this overabundance of loveliness:

Angel present

For more pictures, just click through to Flickr.

And I finally got my own package in the post, then waited with bated breath until Joy could report its safe arrival. Wouldn’t it just have been sod’s law if it got lost after all that? But they did arrive, and I could breathe again.

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