When you don’t know whether to laugh or cry

… you might as well laugh.

I’ve been doing a lot of laughing, in an exasperated sort of way, over the last few days. See, this woman called Hanne N. Herland has been figuring in the Norwegian media for stating the – uhm – unusual* opinion than women should be good little wives and please their husband sexually and gastronimically and be happy about it (oh, and don’t forget to freshen up your makeup before he arrives home from work and greet him with a smile). She also said that it’s no wonder Norwegian men marry Russian or Thai ladies because at least these ladies like sex and can cook. Apparently. Also, Norwegian ladies are all hedonist and jump into bed with just anyone, especially their friends’ husbands. Why they would chose to do so if they don’t like sex hasn’t been explained yet, I’ll get back to you on that one.

So I chose to laugh.

Then some other ladies chimed in to say that really, all this equality-talk has gone too far and how it’s a shame that young women nowadays have to work full-time AND take care of the house and children.

Let me tell you something, ladies: That ain’t equality. The idea, you see, is that your husband should do his share of taking care of the house and the children. I know, revolutionary, isn’t it?

Anyway. I laughed some more.

And then, this afternoon, Herland participated in a net-meeting,  and got the following question:

Du har skjønt det!

Oddvar Solemsli,

16.06.2009 13:29:51

Ja dette var skikkelig valgflesk for oss hjerneløse menn – mat og sex! Kunne ikke blitt bedre. Mitt spørsmål er: Hvordan har du tenkt å komme deg tilbake til førkrigstida der du åpenbart kommer fra når valget en gang er over?

And Herland offered this gem:

Hilsen Hanne Nabintu Herland svarer:

Jeg mener faktisk at det er enkelte ting ved 1950 tallet som er bra! Man kan da ikke mene at absolutt alt var verre før, og absolutt alt er fantastisk nå?

Which is when I stopped reading.

(To enlighten those of you who don’t read Norwegian, the question asks sarcastically how she intends to get back to pre-war times where she obviously belongs. She answers that she thinks there are a lot of good things to be said for the 1950-ies.)

Now Herland, I realise there have been wars since 1959, but generally, when one refers to pre-war in Norway, one is talking about the 30ies, as WW2 is THE war hereabouts. Not that there isn’t a lot to be said for the 3oies, too. But as far as being a woman goes, I for one am grateful I was not around then.

All pretty amusing, anyway.

This, however, this just makes me cry:

A 63 year old man has been sentenced to five months in jail for sexually abusing an eight year old girl. However, the court did not accept the girl’s claim for compensation, and has instead ruled that the girl must pay the abuser’s legal fees.

In what possible light can this be seen as “justice”?

* Which is not unusual at all, of course, and I can’t quite understand why the papers can be bothered to give her any attention.

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