Those pesky bricks

It’s a well-known fact that the only reason I thought having kids was a good idea was because it would give me an excuse to buy obscene amounts of Lego. So far I have actually managed to stick to Duplo, applying severe self-control. However, I suspect I’m getting to the point where I’ll abandon all pretences and start buying boxes of “real” lego simply because I want them. Then, when the lass is old enough, she may, if she’s really interested and really good, be allowed to play with them too. Maybe.

To start with, this is a must for the wish-list. I guess one needs to chose a main theme to collect, unless one has unlimited resources and the land to build one’s own Legoland, and “historic” sets definitely appeal to me the most, though there may be some Mindstorms in my future, too.

Set numbers 10182, 10185 and 10190 seem like a good place to start, actually. I think I’d like my own little town. Or steampunk! How great is this?

I guess it’s a matter of stocking up on bricks and getting to it.

One thought to “Those pesky bricks”

  1. Oh no! I wanted to show DMIL the lego model I think you’re talking about in this post, but the picture is “currently unavailable”. Drat. Also, the link to whatever you’re putting on your wish list is also not working… BTW, we’re setting up a whole room with lego, mostly 16+ models. Yeah, sure, we’re into lego for the children, too ;-)

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