32/365 - Take me in your suitcase?

The one bad thing about this trip is leaving the lass behind. She’s not helping. If I wasn’t pretty sure she has no idea what “mum and dad are going away for a week and you’re staying with grandma” actually means, I’d say she was giving us a hint.

(Saying that, taking her along was never an option. When the main expert on tropical diseases in Norway says he’d never take a toddler – or a child under five – to a country in the tropical region, I figure he knows what he’s talking about. Not to mention the vaccinations, the 8-hour flight and the fact that someone would then have to watch her every evening instead of us all going out to eat. The only option was not going. And she will have a great time, her grandmother’s taking the week off, so she’ll probably be thoroughly spoilt – in a good way – by the time we come back. But we will miss her.)

One thought to “32/365”

  1. Awwww. Too cute. My O also loves climbing into suitcases, but also washing baskets, toy boxes, you name it.
    Gotta love the grandma!

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