News in briefs

…or shorts, if you like.

– If the parties that make up our coalition government were in agreement all the time they wouldn’t need to be three parties. Could the media please stop trying to make a mountain of a molehill? (No, I guess not.)

– If Ingrid Betancourt doesn’t want to talk about her experiences as a hostage, perhaps she ought to stop saying yes to appearing on talk shows? (Or: What the f was Grosvold supposed to ask her? “So, uhm, which celebrity would you most like to have sex with?”? No, I didn’t watch the show so I don’t actually have any idea of what I’m talking about.)

–  Best line ever on Nytt på nytt this evening and now I’ve forgotten what it was. I might have to watch it again online just to find out.

– Does anyone (outside his and her immediate circle of family/friends) actually, seriously care that Peter Nortug has a new girlfriend?

– NaBloPoMo didn’t quite work out for me, did it?

3 thoughts to “News in briefs”

  1. Just coming by to say “hi” from SIH! And I am so impressed with your writing style, humor, and photography. Great photos. .. . . but yikes. . . what exactly is your header? It looks like a toothy, gummy, rather unnerving something or other????

  2. Ingrid Betancourt does want to discuss Colombian politics, worldwide terrorism, and Green Party politics. Her personal experience in the jungle is the most relevant conversational topic.

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